About Our Team

The goal of this team is to understand the elegance and beauty in biological and geological energy-conversion processes in order to develop a sustainable energy production strategy which is in harmony with nature. To this end, the team is working on the development of biologically inspired catalysts and their application for chemical synthesis. Specifically, the solar-powered chemical synthesis in photosynthetic organisms has inspired us to develop innovative water splitting catalysts using only earth-abundant elements. This is a critical prerequisite necessary to use water as a resource for chemical synthesis. In parallel with our study on the solar-powered ecosphere, the team has also focused on replicating the unique chemical energy-harvesting systems found in the deep sea. The lack of sunlight has led these systems to develop intricate and elegant strategies for the interconversion of chemical, thermal, and electrical energy, thus allowing chemical synthesis using earth-abundant elements. We expect that understanding unique systems, such as those found in the dark depths of the oceans, will inspire new avenues of research in chemistry and technology - just as photosynthesis was the major inspiration for solar energy conversion.

Research Interest: Water Splitting Catalyst, Bacterial Extracellular Electron Transfer, and Electrochemistry in Deep-sea Hydrothermal Ecosystems

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